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I’ve benefited from Christine’s training in the past and this is another cracker course. A very relevant subject for us, and these lectures were right on target, well structured and excellently presented. The accompanying workbook is a great help too, containing helpful reminders as well as brilliant pro-forma templates that we’ll be putting to use immediately. Highly recommended.

COLIN LOGAN / 9 Yards Architecture

I started this course as I needed to be reminded about how I should approach a referral strategy for my sales team. The course has obviously been well thought out and based on the presenter’s own business sales and training experience. I particularly like the array of email templates, scripts, and checklists in the associated workbook which saves my team time on creating these from scratch. Referrals will certainly play an integral part in my prospecting approach and be contained in my teams goals and performance metrics going forward. It’s also a good reminder that it’s important to collect ‘social proof’ so you can validate who is personally endorsing each referral and then use this data to offer credibility to future prospects. The main takeaway for me is to ‘maximize sales potential through word of mouth’.


I was very lucky to work with Christine for a number of mentoring sessions. She taught me the value of developing a detailed sales plan, before we delved into the specifics of my own approach to sales. Before I first met Christine, I felt quite out of my depth. However, after completing our mentoring sessions, I am now confident in my own approach to sales. Christine is easy to get along with and great at transferring the important information.

JOHN FEELEY / Functional Gut Fitness